BRIM, Inc. supports a variety of industry sectors for various projects.  Each of these sectors incorporates many of the services we offer and have experience with.  Click on the links below for each sector to see what projects BRIM, Inc has supported these sectors with previously.  We certainly are not limited to providing services and projects only descried and look forward to new challenges your company faces.  While we are not limited in supporting only these sectors, these have been the ones with most experience to date:


Experience and knowledge in the forest industry and management is extensive.  Many of our clients hold substantial interest in land and timber.  BRIM, Inc. has supported nearly every aspect of forest industry from acquisitions/dispositions to harvesting/reforestation (and everything in between).


Utility companies face several challenges, and some come from what we know how to manage best, vegetation.  Vegetation encroachment is the foundation of where BRIM, Inc. offers support to Utility Coops.  Click the “Utilities” link or visit the Electric Co-op page to learn about some ways we support obtaining valuable information which allows companies to turn reactive problems into proactive solutions.


Municipal information is critical for the successful operation and growth development of an area.  Whether it is water lines and fire hydrants, road maintenance needs, electrical systems and street/traffic lights, and all aspects of running a municipal area, being able to quickly and accurately identify locations and status of systems in place is key to growth and success.  We support municipalities with updating existing GIS information or building from scratch from records to bring electronic based data, maps, and information to the fingertips of those areas.


Mining is an important industry, but takes careful planning before mining is to proceed and after mining is completed.  BRIM, Inc. can support both the planning and reclamation of the mining sites.  Mapping the site topography, watershed routes, and existing vegetation before had allows for successful recapture of the site once mining is completed.  BRIM, Inc. has successfully supported thousands of acres to be reforested and can support the planning before and vegetation recapture of the sites after.

Oil & Gas:

Much like all the sectors we work with, Oil & Gas uses precise information to maintain optimal production.  BRIM, Inc. supports these operations through precision data collection, processing, and updating of information.  As well as the use of GIS to provide information to improve decision making, we can also support location of system failures using UAS systems coupled with gas detection scanners.