Experience and knowledge in the forest industry and management is extensive.  Many of our clients hold substantial interest in land and timber.  BRIM, Inc. has supported nearly every aspect of forest industry from acquisitions/dispositions to harvesting/reforestation (and everything in between).


Sound management decisions begin with having quality information to understand all your options.  Inventory data for your standing trees is the foundation needed for making the best possible plan for your forest investment.  BRIM, Inc. can help in every step of your forest inventory needs.

Forest Inventory allows you to:

  • Current value of your timber
  • Delineate your property into manageable stands or units
  • Establish tax basis
  • Evaluate return on investment opportunities for Acquisitions & Dispositions
  • Provide the basis for predicting future Growth & Yield
  • Support establishment of wood supply agreements

BRIM, Inc. can support you in all aspects of Inventory including:

  • Inventory design
  • Data gathering
  • Processing of stand data
  • Analyzing information for a whole tract or individual stand basis
  • Populating stand information into a Geographic Information System (GIS)



The BRIM, Inc. team provides comprehensive property management services to help landowners meet their individual objectives. With collective management experience on over 3 million acres across the United States, UTS has helped a wide range of clients – from non-industrial private to industrial corporate owners – meet or exceed their management objectives and get maximum productivity and profitability from their lands, now and for future generations.

Profitable forest management allows you to:

  • Take stock of your land and capitalize on opportunities to generate revenue
  • Ensure maximum forest health and productivity
  • Do better at tax time
  • Potentially qualify for cost-sharing programs and financial assistance
  • Maintain proper historical records for future inheritance or sale transactions
  • Reduce risks from threats such as wildfires, insect attacks and disease

BRIM, Inc. can help you develop a management plan that includes:

  • Statement of ownership objectives both short and long-term
  • Forest inventory and stand descriptions including site characteristics
  • Specific data needed to determine current status and future potential
  • Maps, plats, photos and other image documentation
  • Growth and Yield of forest inventory data
  • Recommended practices in accordance with owner objectives
  • Schedules of recommended activities
  • Financial analysis of costs / benefits of prescribed management activities
  • Potential harvest dates, methods and regeneration plans

Active forest management gives landowners the ability to create healthy sustainable forests that will not only provide an economic return, but also wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities and aesthetic value.


BRIM, Inc. has extensive reforestation experience and connected to every aspect to plan, organize, and plant your future forest.  Planning your future forest begins with understanding your site, future goals, and species/genetic seedlings available.  With experience in tree breeding programs and the value of tree genetics, we support sound  investment decisions  with seedling selections.  Allow us to make your future grow strong and valuable!