BRIM, Inc. offers a variety of services designed to bring increased business awareness to clients with high quality data and information.  This information provides business decision confidence and support.  A few categories of services are:

Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

The creation of BRIM, Inc has been centered around the use of GIS to improve land based information and support calculation of complex algorithms. Companies have benefited through: shapefile and geo-database creation, raster and vector analysis, calculating area and distance, field and attribute calculations, logistical solutions, Digital Elevation Maps (DEM), watershed analysis, repairing existing GIS delineations, projections and transformations, and more.



Cartography is the art and science of map making. Maps are valuable tools for expressing information related to your business. GIS and remote sensing provides very precise mapping to your business. Clients often tailor maps specific to contractor needs or projects in order to ensure they have all relative information for their specified goals. BRIM, Inc has a quick turn around time so projects are not delayed. Our maps have been used to present information ranging from hand planting crews for reforestation, to closings on land transactions in legal agreements, to displaying annual updates in Fortune 500 companies Board meetings.


Remote Sensing:

Gathering of aerial imagery, LiDAR, point clouds, thermal imagery, and more. Over the years many projects have been taken on which had no clear path to results. Working with customers needs and remote sensing solutions, BRIM, Inc. has been able to develop specialized techniques to derive unique results and improve businesses performance through high quality information.


Data Analysis:

Not all challenges have a direct path or easy solution. This is an area where BRIM, Inc. has been fortunate in the past to set itself further apart from others. From processing LiDAR data to raster cell statistics analysis to performing prediction models, there are many ways for BRIM, Inc. to take your data and analyze information based on your unique challenges.  A unique combination of skills and experience brings new and exciting ways to approach problems, and turn those problems into new company assets.



Gaining information is valuable to any business, but storing that amongst other relative information is how to gain longevity from your invested data gathering. This is the foundation to analyzing business performance, cost savings, revenue gains, and business growths. BRIM, Inc. has helped companies with their databases to fit their growing business needs.