BRIM, Inc. offers a variety of services designed to bring increased business awareness to clients with high quality data and information.  This information provides business decision confidence and support.


Cartography is the art and science of map making. Maps are valuable tools for expressing information related to your business. GIS and remote sensing provides very precise mapping to your business. Clients often tailor maps specific to contractor needs or projects in order to ensure they have all relative information for their specified goals. BRIM, Inc has a quick turn around time so projects are not delayed. Our maps have been used to present information ranging from hand planting crews for reforestation, to closings on land transactions in legal agreements, to displaying annual updates in Fortune 500 companies Board meetings.




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Cartography (from Greek χάρτης khartēs, “papyrus, sheet of paper, map”; and γράφειν graphein, “write”) is the study and practice of making maps. Combining science, aesthetics, and technique, cartography builds on the premise that reality can be modeled in ways that communicate spatial information effectively. The fundamental problems of traditional cartography are to:

  • Set the map’s agenda and select traits of the object to be mapped. This is the concern of map editing. Traits may be physical, such as roads or land masses, or may be abstract, such as toponyms or political boundaries.
  • Represent the terrain of the mapped object on flat media. This is the concern of map projections.
  • Eliminate characteristics of the mapped object that are not relevant to the map’s purpose. This is the concern of generalization.
  • Reduce the complexity of the characteristics that will be mapped. This is also the concern of generalization.
  • Orchestrate the elements of the map to best convey its message to its audience. This is the concern of map design.

Modern cartography constitutes many theoretical and practical foundations of geographic information systems.