BRIM, Inc. has been working with aerial imagery since 2011, but began researching and developing internal data gathering procedures with UAS platforms since 2016. In 2018 BRIM, Inc. began offering high resolution geo-referenced aerial imagery using UAS platforms.

Aerial Imagery:

The creation of BRIM, Inc. has been centered around the use of Imagery and GIS to improve land based information and support calculation of complex algorithms. Companies have benefited with the addition of in-house geo-referenced aerial imagery. This imagery has been found to have higher resolution, quicker turn around time, and cost effective to the landowners and clients. Imagery for BRIM, Inc. clients have been used for: reforestation planning, tornado damage, real estate development, tree survival survey, research and development projects, hunting club mapping, private landowner mapping, and so much more.

BRIM, Inc. is always looking to help clients meet their goals and challenges. Aerial imagery is a strong tool to help your project to be successful and almost always results in total project cost savings for the client.

Advantages of UAS gathered imagery include (often) higher resolution at reduced cost, data gathering even overcast days, reduced shadow issues on overcast days, quicker turn around times, and on-site personnel during data gathering.

Resolution from 2″ to 20″ for optimizing client needs:

2 Inch Resolution Example
8 Inch Resolution Example
20 Inch Resolution Example